Friday, November 19, 2010

Different Ideas, Different Beliefs

The voters have decided. The Democrats will rule the Senate, The Republicans will rule the House. This year the concern has not been focused on abortion and immigration. It has been directed toward economic concepts. Like always, many of the races were very tight, others not so much. Both parties coming into office knew that much would be placed upon their shoulders if elected, but some would take their job more seriously than others. Ron Wyden is one of the many senators who is now presiding in office. He ran in Oregon and vacuumed in fifty-seven percent of the population’s vote. He supports the health care bill.
California was much like Oregon, split on which senator to vote for. Leading the race for the majority of the time, Barbara Boxer claimed the victory. She does not support the armed forces that fight for this country.
On the other hand, Republicans were gaining decisive victories also.
Senator Dan Coats slayed his opponent Brad Ellsworth by over four-hundred thousand votes. Senator Coats opposes tax increases.
Another sturdy win came to Republican Senator, Chuck Grassley. He won by another four-hundred thousand votes. He supports a strong national defense.
Further up the border was the Empire State, the state of New York. Now reigning in office is Democratic Senator Charles Schumer, who politically crushed his opponent Jay Townsend by 1,315,637 votes! Charles Schumer believes that the health care bill will save money in the long run.
Interestingly, South Dakota boasts the fact it was the only state to have a candidate win without even being contested. Republican John Thune was the Senator honored with this privilege. He does oppose the partisan health care reforms bill.
In Florida Republican Marc Rubio won his fight. He beat the next closest contender by nineteen percent. He claims he wants to delete the government’s debt.
Traveling toward the east you will run into the state of Arizona. Now governing this state is Republican John McCain. After losing in the 2008 presidential elections, he is back to providing justice to the borders he now rules.
Democrat Senator Michael Bennet from Colorado, came very close to losing the race entirely. He only beat his opponent Ken Buck by one percent. He voted against adjournment.
North Dakota is occupied by Senator John Hoeven. He brutally murdered his opponent, Tracy Potter. In fact, he won by seventy-six percent. He promotes the protection of communities.
Finally, Democrat Joe Manchin, now the senator of West Virginia, swept the competition under the rug. He beat his opponents by sixty thousand votes. He claims that in the future he will stand firm and confront government takeovers of businesses.
All of these senators that have been put into office by the people of the United States will obviously effect the country in one way or another. Will the decisions these men make influence Christ’s Kingdom? It is up to these leaders. If they decide they want to govern for their own personal gain, God will humble their self-centeredness. On the other hand, if they rule to glorify God, He will bless them. Once these leaders submit to God, they will be great witnesses to other non-believing countries and leaders.